Luogosanto is an ideal destination for lovers of active and sustainable travel, with hiking, cycling, horse riding, bouldering, canoeing and yoga all on offer.

Its strategic position means you can reach the Costa Smeralda in less than half an hour, as well as Northern Gallura’s characteristic rural towns (Tempio, Calangianus, Aggius, Luras, and Bortigiadas) and coastal villages (Badesi, Trinità d’Agultu, Aglientu, and Santa Teresa di Gallura), which offer some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.


From Olbia, take the SS 125 towards Palau/Costa Smeralda. At the roundabout just before Arzachena, take Strada Provinciale 14 to Luogosanto.

From Porto Cervo, follow Strada Provinciale 73, which runs from the hamlet of Abbiadori to Arzachena. Continue on SP14 for about 25 minutes.

The roads that run through the countryside are normally not very busy and make for a pleasant drive.


A typical village of the Gallura region, Luogosanto (meaning “holy place”) owes its name to the 22 sanctuaries dotted around the district. Home to a Home to a Holy Door in the basilica of Santa Incoronata di Gallura, there are many places worth a visit in the area, including the Hermitage of San Trano and the castles of Baldu and Balaiana, to name but a few. A visit to some of the many wine growers in this region – home to the Vermentino Di Gallura –  is also a must, as is a stop with the town’s many artists and artisans.


The area known as “Alta Gallura” comprises ten villages that encapsulate the essence of this part of Sardinia that we love so wholeheartedly. Start with a visit to the thousand-year-old olive trees of Luras. Then set out for Tempio, the “stone city” famous for its carnival and granite and cork industries, or a take a trip up Mount Limbara (1362 m), offering breathtaking views. Your tour must include a visit to the town of Aggius and the Valle della Luna (Valley of the Moon), a spectacular natural oasis. Move on to Aglientu and then Vignola, for an aperitif on the beach at sunset.

Costa Smeralda

Famous the world over for its beaches and trendy nightspots, the Costa Smeralda has shed its former stereotypes and can offer a host of new surprises thanks to your handy local experts – residents who live there all year round! Our tips will reveal the most secluded coves, unmissable craft markets and the best local tours, as well as restaurants and cocktail bars that guarantee a great evening.

Costa Smeralda